It is important to know that unborn babies can feel their mother's emotions, happy or sad. Pregnancy can be a stressful time of transition in life for mothers and fathers. The unborn baby is good at protecting itself from stress, but if it gets to be too much, the baby will feel the effects.. Fetal beats allows the expectant parents to Listen, Record, and Share your babies heartbeats with your loved ones.

Fetal Movement

Fetal Movement

Most pregnant women begin to feel fetal movements between 18 and 25 weeks of pregnancy. If you have felt your baby move, but the movements have not been regular, remember that you may not feel the movements consistently until your baby is larger. Still, in most cases that feeling of reassurance is so welcoming from the expectant parents. Anything that can relieve stress will make for a better pregnancy. Fetal Beats equips the expectant parents with the ability to Listen in the tiny heart beats of your baby anytime in order to reassure yourself that everything is fine.


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key features

  • Listen

    Listen to your baby’s heartbeat instantly! Record it for playback.

  • Record

    Easily record your baby's heartbeat on your smart-phone. Track your baby's development with our BEATLOG.

  • Share

    Logging your baby’s heartbeat is both useful for medical appointments, as well as a fun way to track your baby’s development . You can instantly share your recording with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email.


Is the FetalBeats Heart Rate Monitor a medical device that should replace my prenatal medical care?

A: No. Although the FetalBeats™ system works better than the ones used by doctors this product is not a medical device it is meant for entertainment purposes only and should never replace regular medical care. This device allows the mother to connect with her unborn baby by hearing the heartbeat and sharing it with loved ones..

How does ordering FetalBeats™ fetal heart rate monitor and using it with my smartphone help me detect my baby’s heartbeat while I am pregnant?

A: Once you download and launch the Fetal Beats iPhone or Android app on your device you simply connect all the hardware per the instruction manual and can begin detecting your baby’s heart beat.

Why should I buy a FetalBeats Fetal Heart Rate Monitor instead of renting or buying other Fetal Monitors on the market?

A: By purchasing the FetalBeats fetal heart rate monitor you are usually paying much less than a cost of a rental. The FetalBeats monitor, iPhone and Android app can be used for more than one pregnancy and the monitor itself is extremely portable and easy to use. The Fetal Beats app will be updated on a regular basis with new features to enhance your experience.

Is it safe to use the FetalBeats heart rate monitor on my belly?

A: Yes, as our fetal heart rate monitor uses the same technology used by doctors and midwives. Please note it is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not replace regular prenatal medical care. They use fetal heart rate monitors with low-frequency ultrasound waves which ‘bounce off’ tissue and blood in the body and this information is translated into the sounds of a baby’s heartbeat. It is completely safe to use while pregnant, for both you and your baby. However, when using your smartphone with our fetal heart rate doppler we recommend switching it to “airplane mode” to ensure that the only waves being transmitted are those from the device. **Please note this product is intended for use at or after 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Can this monitor and application software be used for more than one pregnancy?

A: Yes! The FetalBeats monitor and smartphone app can be used over and over for each of your pregnancies. The only item you would need to re-order would be the UltraSound Gel. If any updates are required for the app you will be notified on your smartphone.

Can I use my FetalBeats heart rate Monitor with my iPad, iPad2, or Tablets as well as using it with smartphones?

A: Yes! FetalBeats works with all iPhones and iPads and you can download the Fetal Beats app free on iTunes and it will be launched shortly for Android operating systems.

Do I have to pay for the Fetal Beats app?

A: No! The FetalBeats app is a free download on iTunes, however it only works with our patented FetalBeats baby heart rate monitor, which can be ordered online.

How long will the Fetal Beats Fetal Heart Rate Monitor take to ship once I place my order?

A: The FetalBeats heart rate monitor takes about 5 business days to arrive to any destination in North America. Rush delivery is available for an additional fee.

What versions of the iPhone and Android devices are compatible with the Fetal Beats App?

A: The Fetal Beats app is compatible with all the latest versions of iPhone and Android devices.

Do you offer an Android version of the Fetal Beats App?

A: Yes, the Android app is available for free on Google Play!

I would like to send the recorded heart beat of my baby to my friends and family. How do I do that?

A: Once you have launched the app on your smartphone and detected your baby’s heartbeat, you will be prompted to record it with the option to save, email, or upload your recording to popular social media sites.